16 September 2016

A Canberra Liberals Government will provide $6 million for upgrades to local shopping centres across our suburbs. Many shopping centres, particularly in older suburbs are badly in need of attention and this commitment is core to the Canberra Liberals’ values of providing better local services, Shadow Minister for Planning and Infrastructure Alistair Coe said today.

“Local shops are central to our suburban communities and in many ways unique to Canberra’s design. However, as Canberrans would know, many local centres are run down which affects local business owners as well as suburban amenity and pride. The Canberra Liberals will begin upgrades to local shops if elected,” Mr Coe said.

“Our commitment will go towards:

  • Fixing broken pavements. 
  • Providing adequate lighting for safety and amenity. 
  • Ensuring adequate parking. 
  • Improving landscaping.

“The Canberra Liberals will also seek investment from owners of the private land at shopping centres and look for a more harmonised approach between public and private land.

“Canberrans want to have pride in their local shops and upgrades are essential to making that happen. If safety is improved, if there’s adequate parking and if the visual amenity is appealing, more people are likely to utilise their local shops and more businesses will be inclined to operate,” Mr Coe concluded.

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