9 September 2016

The real cost of ACT Labor’s tram plan has been revealed through new analysis. The ACT Labor tram network will amount to $14 billion according to a former senior ACT Treasury official which means it will cost every household $4,000 every year, Shadow Minister for Transport Alistair Coe said today.

“In an article which appeared in today's Canberra Times, it is stated that there are only three options for dealing with the massive expense which is ACT Labor’s tram,” Mr Coe said.

1. Cut spending on health, education and other services;
2. Significantly raise taxes; or
3. Abandon light rail.

“Labor's plan for 90 kilometres of tram tracks is expected to cost $14 billion. This works out to be more than $80,000 per household, or $4,000 for every household every year.

“The Treasury official said light rail is a luxury and might lead to bankruptcy.

“Every Canberran will pay for Labor's reckless and desperate policies.

“Andrew Barr will do anything to be re-elected, without considering the massive burden on Canberrans for decades to come, including imposing an additional $4,000 annual bill for each household,” Mr Coe concluded.

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