28 July 2022

ACT Minister for the Arts Tara Cheyne today released “Canberra: Australia’s Arts Capital – Arts, Culture and Creative Policy 2022-2026”. Shadow Minister for Arts Nicole Lawder welcomed the release of the policy but noted the serious lack of direct funding or support for artists in Canberra.

“Today’s policy release, while good intentioned, is a glossy booklet filled with outdated statistics

 and trendy buzzwords.” Nicole Lawder said.

“Similar to last year’s Statement of Ambition for the Arts, the majority of funding and projects announced relate to infrastructure funding. Put simply, infrastructure funding, while badly needed, does not compensate for direct funding of our local artists. 

“Allocating funding to the design process of the Canberra Theatre Expansion does not help artists in the ACT today.

“Allocating funding to refurbish the Gorman House Arts Centre does not help artists in the ACT today.

“Allocating funding to workplace health and safety upgrades at the Canberra Theatre does not help artists in the ACT today.

“None of this funding will go to artists in the ACT. It’s simply more infrastructure promises that this Labor-Greens Government has a terrible record of delivering.

“The Canberra Theatre Expansion has been tossed around in the design process by this government for 10 years now.

Last year we saw the contract for the Kingston Arts Precinct sensationally scrapped by the government.

This government has a disastrous record on arts infrastructure and still it’s all they ever promise for the arts industry. Canberra artists deserve better, and they deserve real support now.” Ms Lawder concluded.

Friday 29 October 2021

Estimates hearings this afternoon have exposed the Labor-Greens Government’s lazy and careless public policy approach to making Canberra more friendly for women and non-binary people.

Shadow Minister for Women Nicole Lawder has questioned the Minister for Women on the 2021-22 Women’s Budget Statement, which attempted to assert that road upgrades in Pialligo were part of a program to improve gender responsive infrastructure.

“This Women’s Budget Statement is an insult to every woman in Canberra,” Ms Lawder says. 

“There is no analysis on how budget initiatives impact women, as a proper women’s budget statement should.

“All that was released was a glossy government brochure so the Minister can say she’s delivered for women, when the reality is that there is nothing in the Labor-Green Government’s budget for women.

“The fact that upgrades to Beltana and Kalaroo Roads in Pialligo are listed under ‘safety in our community’ is a joke. These roads aren’t getting upgraded because women feel unsafe there, these roads are getting upgraded because the Labor-Greens Government has neglected them for years. 

“It’s a sad excuse of a statement to hide the fact that this government is delivering nothing for Canberra women.

“This Budget also awards $700,000 for progressing gender equality in construction to the CFMEU over five years – an organisation whose board is exclusively male. 

“If this Labor-Greens Government is serious about an inclusive city they’ve got to stop pushing lazy policy and make a genuine investment in programs that make Canberra a better place for women and non-binary people,” Ms Lawder concluded.

Thursday 24 June 2021

Liberal MLA for Brindabella Nicole Lawder will move a motion in the Legislative Assembly today calling on the Labor-Greens Government to improve amenities surrounding Lake Tuggeranong.

The motion also calls on the ACT Government to consult with the Tuggeranong community to inform improvements and future upgrades.

Ms Lawder said the amenities around the lake are failing to accommodate locals and that Labor and the Greens should have no qualms supporting this motion if they are serious about improving community spaces.

“Lake Tuggeranong is a recreational area that is used and enjoyed by many locals, and it is well overdue for a refresh with better public amenities,” said Ms Lawder.

“Labor and the Greens have supported a push for improvements to Yerrabi Pond, so I’ve taken heart from that motion and hope for similar cross-party support for improvements at Lake Tuggeranong.

“If the government is willing to support that motion for Gungahlin residents, it should be enthusiastically supporting the same for Tuggeranong residents.

“For too long the people of Tuggeranong have been left behind by Labor and the Greens. It’s time that Tuggeranong got more bang for their buck,” Ms Lawder concluded

18 October 2021

This morning's Estimates questioning from Shadow Minister for City Services Nicole Lawder has revealed that the Labor-Greens Government might install a new gas crematorium in South Canberra despite announcing earlier in the year a territory-wide transition away from gas.

The City Services Minister danced around questions from Ms Lawder about the irony of installing a new gas crematorium, that is inconsistent with the Government’s net zero emissions targets. 

“This could be the third major ACT Government project that undermines their own net zero emissions targets. The others include the new ACT Public Service building on London Circuit that was also connected to gas in 2020 and the opening of the new public Gungahlin crematorium recently,” Ms Lawder said.

“The Minister could not confirm that the new southside crematorium would not be gas powered, despite the Labor-Greens Government forcing Canberrans away from household gas.

“The Labor-Greens Government cannot pick and choose when their own policies apply to them.

“It’s insulting to parade a commitment publicly if you’re not going to take it seriously and investigate alternative solutions to ensure you stay on track to delivering your own commitments,” Ms Lawder concluded.

Wednesday 19 May 2021

The Capital Chicks program run by Diabetes NSW & ACT recently had its funding application rejected by the ACT Government.

The program supports Canberra women living with diabetes, including gestational diabetes. To date There have been 7888 registrations, with 57 per cent of those women becoming active users of the program.

Capital Chicks was developed to promote wellbeing and assist in the prevention and management of gestational and Type 2 diabetes in addition to other chronic diseases that also benefit from health and well-being advice and support.

Shadow Minister for Women Nicole Lawder said it is disappointing the government has decided not to support this essential women’s health service.

“The Capital Chicks Program is a fantastic online platform from Diabetes NSW & ACT,” Ms Lawder said.

“It is absolutely shameful that this Labor-Greens Government is responsible for the rejection of funds for this crucial initiative.

“The government loves to talk about supporting women but when push comes to shove, they’ve failed to support many Canberra women living with diabetes.

“Capital Chicks is so important for women experiencing this chronic condition. I call on the government to reverse its decision and support this vital program,” Ms Lawder concluded.

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