10 August 2016

A Canberra Liberals government will expand the Canberra Hospital to meet extra demand and enhance capacity in critical care over the next decade, instead of building light rail. We are committed to making our health system the envy of the nation and this is a flagship election commitment to make that happen, Leader of the Opposition and Shadow Minister for Health Jeremy Hanson said today.

“The $395 million new hospital building at the Canberra Hospital site will be supported by $8 million for new nurses, doctors and other staff and will be broadly based on the plans that ACT Labor shelved so it could build light rail,” Mr Hanson said.

“The new building includes:

  • A new 92 bed 21st century emergency department.
  • A new 48 bed intensive care unit.
  • A new 25 bed emergency medical unit.
  • Capacity for 20 new operating theatres.


“The new hospital will also cater for a new 25 bed medical assessment planning unit, 105 ambulatory treatment spaces and a new state of the art medical imaging unit. There will also be new admission foyer, sterilisation unit and new patient and volunteer facilities.

“Because we won’t build light rail, a Canberra Liberals government will be able to invest in the health infrastructure and services that the ACT has badly needed for many years.

“We believe in delivering the infrastructure the ACT needs and wants, not the unnecessary light rail that was demanded as a price to secure government,” Mr Hanson concluded.


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