24 March 2016

Canberra Liberals Commit to Full Ashley Drive Duplication

Nicole announcing Ashley Drive Duplication

Unlike the government, the Canberra Liberals will do the job properly and duplicate the full length of Ashley Drive between Erindale Drive and Johnson Drive if elected. On top of what the government has already announced, we will deliver an additional $4 million for the full duplication, Shadow Minister for Transport Alistair Coe and Leader of the Opposition Jeremy Hanson announced today.

“The government says it will only duplicate Ashley Drive from Erindale Drive to Ellerston Avenue. The Canberra Liberals will commit to the full duplication by including the stretch from Ellerston Avenue to Johnson Drive. The announcement includes noise attenuation measures for Isabella Plains residents,” Mr Coe said.

“After announcing the duplication in 2012, Andrew Barr has back peddled and failed to deliver. The cost of the duplication has blown out; the timeframe has blown out, all while the proposed length of duplication has fallen short of what the government originally committed to.

“The government’s so-called solution to duplicate part of Ashley Drive is puzzling and will only cause bottlenecks on such a critical Tuggeranong thoroughfare. Our solution is complete,” Mr Coe concluded.

“With the government pursuing light rail, it’s not hard to see why the government want to cut costs by not fully duplicating Ashley Drive,” Mr Hanson said.

“The Canberra Liberals are committed to making sure ACT residents are served by completed road projects that provide ease of movement. Canberrans don’t want half finished roads because the government has to pay for light rail,” Mr Hanson concluded.

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