New dog laws tabled in the Assembly today will incentivise responsible dog ownership and discourage dangerous dog ownership, Shadow Minister for Urban Services Nicole Lawder said.
Ms Lawder’s new laws reward responsible dog owners by waiving the dog registration fee if owners and their dogs successfully complete approved dog training. The proposed laws discourage dangerous dog ownership by doubling the license fee for a dangerous dog from $750 per year to $1,500 per year.
Ms Lawder is also proposing to remove financial barriers for people who no longer want to own a dangerous dog. Currently, Canberrans have to pay $60.70 to get their dangerous dog off our streets.
“I am very pleased to present new laws today to help keep Canberrans and their pets safe from dangerous dog attacks,” Ms Lawder said.
“We have been listening and consulting with Canberrans across the city who are concerned at the government’s failure to manage dangerous dogs.
“The government’s inaction has led to a surge of dog attacks across the Canberra, resulting in grievous injury to both people and pets.
“City Services Minister Chris Steel has acknowledged the breadth of the problem by admitting the government does not have the capacity to deal with the growing number of dangerous dogs in Canberra. He thinks taxing all dog owners might be the answer.
“Most Canberrans are responsible dog owners who love their pets. We should reward these responsible dog owners, not punish them as Mr Steel would do.
“What I have proposed today are sensible measures designed to keep our furry friends safe, to keep our children safe, and to keep Canberrans safe from dog attacks,” Ms Lawder concluded.

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