Radical Green-Labor proposal turns animal-loving Canberrans into crooks

Elements of unwarranted laws tabled today appear to target responsible, animal-loving pet owners, effectively turning them into criminals.

The Canberra Liberals will closely examine this radical Green-Labor proposal which seems to be a massive overreach into the lives of decent and hardworking families.

Canberrans adore their animals and overwhelmingly care for them as a much-loved member of the family.

Canberrans would all agree that animal cruelty is abhorrent and should be met with the full weight of the law.

The ACT has taken firm action to introduce tough animal cruelty laws. Currently, a person convicted of animal cruelty in the ACT will face jail time and a $15,000 fine.

The issue we have in the ACT is the Government is unable to enforce animal cruelty laws that already exist.

Rather than providing resources to enforce the government’s own laws, the Labor Party is driving a radical Greens policy that completely overlooks real issues in our suburbs.

For years, the Canberra Liberals have denounced the Labor Party and the Greens for their failure to protect Canberrans and their beloved pets from vicious dog attacks.

It is not reasonable or wise to prosecute and imprison responsible pet owners for a range of matters concerning the daily care of pets, such as failing to walk your dog in a 24-hour period, failing to groom your dog or get its nails clipped, or failing to restrain your dog in a moving car.

It is clear Labor and the Greens believe Canberrans cannot be trusted to do the right thing by their furry friends.

The insult is worse when you consider the Labor-Greens Government’s own record on matters relating to duty of care.

After everything decent and hardworking Canberrans have endured under this government, it is appalling that Labor and the Greens think Canberrans are the ones who can’t be trusted.


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