Shadow Minister for Urban Services Nicole Lawder has questioned why a beloved family pet of 17 years was euthanised without its owner’s consent or knowledge.

Ms Lawder has written to City Services Minister Meegan Fitzharris asking why this sad event was allowed to happen.

Kambah resident Drago Gvozdanovic’s said his beloved pet dog, Izzy, was “murdered” at the express direction of dog authorities even though he reported Izzy missing to Domestic Animal Services within hours after she disappeared.

According to the DAS website, impounded dogs are held for seven days while rangers try to locate the owner. After the seven day period, unclaimed dogs may be sold or euthanised.

But Izzy was put down within 24 hours of being found by rangers.

Quotes from Shadow Minister for Urban Services Nicole Lawder:

“This tragic event cannot go unanswered. “To have a dear family pet of 17 years die for natural reasons is heartbreaking.

“But to have your pet killed by authorities without your knowledge, and without explanation is an injustice.

“According to my constituent, Izzy was microchipped and so the veterinary surgeon was able to leave a phone message informing him of his pet’s whereabouts.

“But by the time Mr Gvozdanovic contacted the vet, Izzy had been put down.

“Why did this happen? “The government will never be able to replace Izzy, but Minister Fitzharris owes Mr Gvozdanovic an explanation and an unreserved apology.”

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