Canberrans who are concerned about dog attacks in their community are encouraged to join the conversation about how we can make Canberra safer, Shadow Minister for Urban Services Nicole Lawder said.

On Saturday September 8, 2018, the Canberra Liberals will host numerous pop-up events across the city to discuss the pressing issue of dog attacks.

 "Like me, most Canberrans are dog lovers, and have had a faithful furry friend in the family for years," Ms Lawder said.

 "Unfortunately, not all dogs have responsible owners, and not all dogs are safe.

 "On average, there is one dog attack in Canberra every two days, many of which have resulted in serious injury or death of a person or domestic animal.

 "Most people are shocked to learn how little is done when a dog injures or kills a person or domestic animal.

 "A number of these people have contacted the Canberra Liberals to voice their concern about dog attacks, worried that the government is not listening to them.

 "They feel that the current laws fail to deal with dog attacks adequately.

 "They think we need better laws to protect the community from dog attacks, and so do we.

 "We are really interested to have a collaborative approach to how we can better respond to dangerous dog attacks.

 "We want Canberrans to have an opportunity to share their thoughts about dog attacks, to know that what they say matters and can help to make our laws better.

 "I hope that all interested Canberrans will drop by to one of our events and speak to our volunteers.

 "But we don’t want anyone to miss out. People who can’t attend an event can share their thoughts online at," Ms Lawder concluded.


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