MS LAWDER (Brindabella) (4.48): I rise today to speak briefly about the Tuggeranong Hawks Football Club and their "Pat yard blitz", which occurred on Tuesday night this week.

Pat McLindin is the patron of the Tuggeranong Hawks Australian Rules football club. With her husband, Darryl, Pat helped form what was originally the Eastlake-Woden football club. The club evolved over the years into the Tuggeranong football club. Pat and her husband have loved the club regardless of the club name or playing strip. In this year's season, you will see Pat on Tuesday to Thursday nights filling up the senior squad's drink bottles and walking them out to the players with her trolley. Such is the respect for her that the players carefully place the drink bottles back into the trolley instead of throwing them onto the ground as most footballers do.

Pat's husband, Darryl, passed away in 2010. As Pat spends so much time at her beloved football club, she has less time to garden, so earlier this week the players and club officials that love and respect Pat arrived at her house at 6 pm and helped the lady who always gives her all to the club.

I would like to acknowledge, firstly, Pat McLindin and her contribution to the club over many, many years. Secondly, I would like to acknowledge the players and officials who gave some of their time to help someone they respect in the community who could do with a bit of help at home. It is great to see these actions taking place in our community.

The Tuggeranong Hawks are a great community club with a family-oriented ethos, as you know, Mr Assistant Speaker Gentleman. The Pat yard blitz is just one example of their community spirit. I would like to wish all their teams every success for the coming season—including the women's team, which will be trying to achieve back-to-back premierships this year.

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