MS LAWDER (Brindabella) (6.55pm): I rise this evening to pay tribute to a group which is well and truly part of Canberra's history—the Canberra City Band, which made its first public appearance in November 1928. The band has been involved in many of the moments to remember in Canberra's history. In 1926 the band played at Australia's first public Anzac Day service on Camp Hill at the rear of the Old Parliament House construction site, and it gave what it refers to as its first public concert at the newly constructed Albert Hall on 16 October 1928.

When Charles Kingsford Smith was on an Australian tour in 1928 following his trans-Pacific record-breaking flight, he landed in a paddock at Duntroon, and the Canberra City Band was there to greet him playing For He's a Jolly Good Fellow. During the great depression the band played concerts at Albert Hall to raise money for the Canberra Unemployment Relief Society.

The band was reinvigorated under Bill Hoffman OAM in 1947, who then held the baton for the band for 30 years. The band has also played at every Anzac day ceremony since 1948. The Canberra City Band were also there to play God Save the Queen on the day of Queen Elizabeth II's accession to the throne in 1952. In fact, they were the first band since federation to officially play God Save the Queen rather than God Save the King.

Just last week I attended the band's 88th anniversary concert at Albert Hall. It was a great and varied performance including vocalists and dancers—a group called the Jumptown Swing—and it showcased the talents of many local musicians. I had a wonderful toe-tapping time. I also note that the band have made it through to the national competition next year for the first time in a number of years, so congratulations and best of luck to them for that competition next year.

I would like to take a moment to acknowledge those who are part of the band and who performed at the anniversary concert: Geoff Grey, Keith Helgesen, Michael Kamen, Malcolm Arnold, Paul Lavender, Paul Hart, Chris Claoue-Long, Amy Barker, John Wickerson, Michael Gill, Clare Banks, Stephanie Hillman, Mirja Mclean-Engstrom, Stefanie Watts, Sarah Pfeiffer, Nicola Kovacs, Anita Scherrer, Gerhard Reubel, Neil Woodhams, Keydan Bruce, Gerard Sloan, Brooke Gale, Grace Brayshaw, Dom Galloway, Peter Palmer, Mark O'Leary, Steve Weller, Liz Royal, Scott Levers, Tim Benson, Anna Doukakis, Brooke Zotti, Manning Fell, Simon Hukin, Michael Jackson—not that Michael Jackson—Mark Anderson, Simon Mitchell, Thomas Manley, Emily Pollnitz, Sandra Cruikshank, Lucy Merritt, Bob Wood, Sharon Robinson, Paul Goldsbrough, Jason Henderson, Bruce Smyth, James Baldwin, Jessica Moya, Paul Parolo, Bernie Evans, Sandra Nielsen, Allen Phillips, Rebecca Gibbs, Caitlin McAnulty, Stephanie Hally-Burton, Thomas Manley, Mami Iwashita, Sue Bailey, Caroline Christenson, Jono O'Rourke, Natalie Walker, David Johnson, LynJess Steward, Gemma Cook, Sarah Watson, Wang Woody, Jordan London, Carly Brown, Helen Rodgers, Jarod Esposito, Katherine Power, Julie Watson, Mike Butler, Jenny Geldart, John-Henry Te Hira, Mike Hauptmann, Tony Sillcock, Andrew Pengilley, Jason Henderson, Alicia Perritt, Vince Tee and Jenna Hinton. I guess that is why it is called a big band.

I pay tribute to all the band members and supporters who have been a part of this wonderful group for the past 88 years. It takes hours, indeed, years of practice, dedication and passion to be an ongoing part of our community in this way for so long. Congratulations to the Canberra City Band.

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