19 September 2016

A Canberra Liberals Government will provide $120,000 for Landcare ACT to continue its great work safeguarding the environment across the region, Shadow Minister for Environment Nicole Lawder said today.

“We recognise the contribution Landcare makes to our community through its catchment groups that focus on environmental issues like soil degradation, weeds, animal pests and erosion,” Ms Lawder said.

“Currently, Landcare ACT receives $60,000 per year from the Federal Government, but no funding from the ACT Government. Under the Canberra Liberals that will change. We will provide $40,000 per year for three years to enable Landcare to further develop its strategic approach to helping the local environment.

“The Southern ACT, Ginninderra and Molonglo catchment groups all provide ongoing support for the environment and the Canberra Liberals believe community generated action to help the environment deserves a leg up from local government.

“I look forward to the ongoing success of Landcare ACT and its volunteers in delivering grassroots environmental management,” Ms Lawder concluded.

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17 September 2016

Today, the Canberra Liberals have released Planning for Canberra’s Future, the document that will guide the way for better planning policy under a Canberra Liberals Government, Shadow Minister for Planning Alistair Coe said today.

“The ACT’s planning system is too complex, lacks balance, provides no certainty, is frequently changed and promotes government thought bubbles. Planning for Canberra’s Future will give confidence to those involved in Canberra’s planning system and better outcomes for residents,” Mr Coe said.

“The Canberra Liberals plan has 29 separate commitments, including:

  • A comprehensive review of the Territory Plan and making it more accessible. 
  • A commitment to meaningful consultation before new planning legislation. 
  • Reforming the Land Development Agency (LDA) as it has strayed from its core role of bringing land to market. 
  • Ensuring a steady supply of land for the market. 
  • Supporting a biennial Canberra Planning Summit, the first to be held in 2017. 
  • Refining the role of the Government Architect and their role in planning principals. 
  • Establishing pre-development application meetings for major constructions. 
  • A broad consultation process for dual occupancy developments. 
  • An overhaul of current solar access rules. 
  • A limit on the amount of time shipping containers can be in the front yard of properties. 
  • The development of a Planning Directorate App. 
  • A review of all fees and charges that impact the construction industry. 
  • Ensuring that all town centres and other high density areas have access to irrigated green space. 
  • Making land available in existing and future suburbs for faith and cultural organisations.

“Our Plan also includes previously announced commitments to remove the LVC in Civic and the Town Centres. Canberra’s planning system needs a fresh approach and Planning for Canberra’s Future will map the path forward,” Mr Coe concluded.

Contact: Joe Prevedello 0402768432

This year I was pleased to join with Senator Zed Seselja to announce the great investment into Canberra's water quality from the Federal Government.


I'm especially excited for the $26 million for Lake Tuggeranong as I often speak to Brindabella residents about their concerns with the quality of the water in our lake.

16 September 2016

A Canberra Liberals Government will provide $6 million for upgrades to local shopping centres across our suburbs. Many shopping centres, particularly in older suburbs are badly in need of attention and this commitment is core to the Canberra Liberals’ values of providing better local services, Shadow Minister for Planning and Infrastructure Alistair Coe said today.

“Local shops are central to our suburban communities and in many ways unique to Canberra’s design. However, as Canberrans would know, many local centres are run down which affects local business owners as well as suburban amenity and pride. The Canberra Liberals will begin upgrades to local shops if elected,” Mr Coe said.

“Our commitment will go towards:

  • Fixing broken pavements. 
  • Providing adequate lighting for safety and amenity. 
  • Ensuring adequate parking. 
  • Improving landscaping.

“The Canberra Liberals will also seek investment from owners of the private land at shopping centres and look for a more harmonised approach between public and private land.

“Canberrans want to have pride in their local shops and upgrades are essential to making that happen. If safety is improved, if there’s adequate parking and if the visual amenity is appealing, more people are likely to utilise their local shops and more businesses will be inclined to operate,” Mr Coe concluded.

Contact: Joe Prevedello 0402768432

10 September 2016

A Canberra Liberals Government will start a new era for local sports in Tuggeranong with a $320,000 commitment to improve facilities at some of our most overused southern ovals, the Calwell District Playing Fields, Shadow Minister for Sport and Recreation Steve Doszpot said today.

“In next year’s budget, the Canberra Liberals will provide a grant of $300,000 to upgrade sporting facilities at Calwell which is home to the Brindabella Blues Football Club and also utilised by Little Athletics and many other sports,” Mr Doszpot said.

“The local clubs have been lobbying for upgrades for years including; a new clubhouse facilities, lighting, fencing, car parking and maintenance and seating upgrades. The Canberra Liberals will also provide two further grants of $10,000 in following years for maintenance.

“Tuggeranong doesn’t have the required facilities for Premier Football and our commitment will bring the ground up to standard. In the past, Tuggeranong has hosted events such as the Kanga Cup, but has since lost that ability.

“The Canberra Liberals are committed to community sporting improvements as demonstrated by our plans to provide $550,000 for Greenway Oval and now $320,000 for Calwell. I look forward to these commitments enhancing local sport for
Tuggeranong families,” Mr Doszpot concluded.

Contact: Emily Hicks 0401 369 347