Media Release - Wednesday 12 August 2015

The Barr government’s plan to relocate public housing tenants away from
the proposed light rail route is demeaning and damaging to those families
who will struggle to access transport, Shadow Minister for Housing Nicole
Lawder said today.

“It is insulting and hypocritical that the government will not allow public housing
tenants to benefit from light rail, by moving them away from the Northbourne
Avenue corridor,” Ms Lawder said.

“Rather than using light rail to socially support these tenants, light rail will be the
policy that forces their eviction. These tenants along the Northbourne corridor
currently have access to the most frequent buses in Canberra, now they’ll be
even further marginalised on transport.

“Tenants will be relocated to places of transport disadvantage many kilometres
away from Northbourne Avenue. The so called salt and pepper approach is only
an excuse to move people away from transport and services to free up land for
light rail.

“It is tragic that Minister Yvette Berry is presiding over a public housing policy
that actively creates social isolation and transport disadvantage,” Ms Lawder

Contact: Joe Prevedello 0402768432

Media Release - Tuesday 11 August 2015

It’s very disappointing the proposed solar farm at Williamsdale won’t be
subject to a rigorous environmental impact statement (EIS) given the concerns
raised by residents in the area, Shadow Minister for Environment Nicole
Lawder said today.

“Residents around Williamsdale have a range of environmental concerns about the
building of a solar farm, but the government has sidelined them, exempting the
developers from the EIS process. It’s ironic that this is a development supposed to
help the environment, yet its construction will bypass the environmental planning
process,” Ms Lawder said.

“The sorts of issues which should be examined in an EIS process here include:

. The removal of between 100 and 200 yellow box gums.
. The impact on a glossy black cockatoo colony living in the area, which is likely
to be affected by the felling of native trees.
. The fact that yellow box trees provide a rich nectar source for the threatened
regent honeyeater, an ACT endangered species.
. Reports of asbestos dumps in the area.

“Residents and stakeholder groups like the ACT Conservation Council have valid
concerns. The government seems to be obsessed with protecting the environment
through the promotion of renewable energy technology. However, strangely there
doesn’t seem to be the same concern for the natural environment around the
proposed solar farm,” Ms Lawder concluded.

Contact: Joe Prevedello 0402768432

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Media Release Tuesday 4 August 2015

This week is Homelessness Prevention Week and in the Legislative Assembly 

tomorrow I’ll be calling on the Barr government to develop a realistic
framework by October this year, to address Canberra’s housing crisis, Shadow
Minister for Housing Nicole Lawder said today.

“Having affordable housing, addressing long public housing waiting lists and
targeting support that enables people to sustain their tenancies are the areas that
need work if the cycle of homelessness is to be broken in Canberra,” Ms Lawder

“More than 1700 people are experiencing homelessness in the ACT and many more
are at risk. Being homeless creates a plethora of issues both for the individuals
involved as well as the entire community.

“Homelessness contributes to long term unemployment and chronic ill-health.
Research even suggests the cost of sleeping rough is more than $27,000 per person
per year.

“The government should make it a priority to make housing more affordable and
reduce the public housing list. We are the national capital and the ACT government
should lead the country by example in breaking the homelessness cycle,” Ms Lawder

Contact: Joe Prevedello 0402768432