Monday 8 February 2021

The Office of Seniors and Veterans has not been included in the ACT Legislative Assembly inquiries into Annual and Financial Report Hearings. Following the demotion of the Seniors and Veterans ministry into the Family and Community Services portfolio, the Labor-Greens Government insisted that seniors would still be represented under Assistant Minister Emma Davidson MLA.

“The decision to not include the Office of Seniors and Veterans in the Annual Reports and Estimates Hearings is just another example of this government’s continued contempt for seniors and veterans,” Shadow Minister for Seniors Nicole Lawder said.

“It was disappointing enough when the Labor-Greens Government chose to demote the Seniors and Veterans portfolio, but to now not include them in the public hearings process is a disgrace.”

Shadow Minister for Veterans Jeremy Hanson has also questioned the government about their track record on seniors and veterans. “During December last year I asked the Chief Minister about his government’s mistreatment of the portfolio and received assurances that seniors and veterans would be treated the same as any other area. This is clearly not the case,” Mr Hanson said.

“Seniors and Veterans deserve respect not just in the community but by their government as well. It is a terrible shame that this Labor-Greens Government has failed to include the Office of Seniors and Veterans in the hearing process and they should remedy this mistake immediately,” Mr Hanson concluded.

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