The Labor-Greens government is holding up a vibrant urban renewal proposal because of one tree, even though it uprooted hundreds of native gums for its own development project without hesitation.

A proposed development at Manuka is potentially being held up because of a single protected London Plane tree.

“The Barr government is being very hypocritical about tree protection,” Ms Lawder said.

“The government’s approach to the protection of this tree is in stark contrast to the cavalier approach it took to the removal of hundreds of mature native gum trees along Northbourne Avenue.

“No tree can get in the way of the government’s development projects, but it just takes one tree to potentially hold up other urban renewal plans.

“While I strongly support the value of trees in our town centres and suburbs, I think we have to adopt a sensible approach to tree protection, especially with common trees,” Ms Lawder concluded.

The London Plane tree is a type of European tree which has been widely planted across the City in the past years.

The tree on the proposed development site was placed on the ACT Tree Register in 2012.


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