For weeks, Moncrieff residents have been pleading with the Labor-Greens government to clean up excessive rubbish and litter that is polluting their neighbourhood.

Of note are the polystyrene waffle pods that are flying around Moncrieff.These pods are lightweight and susceptible to breaking down. Whenever there are strong winds, the pods and other rubbish from around the suburb end up littering parks, waterways and reserve areas.

Moncrieff residents have lodged multiple complaints to the government but aren’t getting any response.


Quotes from Member for Yerrabi James Milligan:

“I am hearing from a lot of Moncrieff residents who are pretty unhappy.

“They have asked the government over and over again to provide basic services to remove the litter, but the government isn’t doing enough.

“They are expected to pay excessive rates, but the government never follows through on its end of the bargain which is to provide basic services.

“This is just one more issue in Moncrieff that the government is choosing to ignore. Moncrieff doesn’t have a bus service, it doesn’t have a reliable bin collection service, and it isn’t getting the basic maintenance required to keep the suburb clean.

“The government needs to clean up its act and start delivering services that residents are already paying for.”


Quotes from Shadow Minister for Urban Services Nicole Lawder:

“Sadly, the concerns of residents in Moncrieff are not unique. On a daily basis, we hear the frustration people have when trying to get the government to fix street lights or remove rubbish in common areas.

“This government is happy to collect rates and taxes from residents but is loath to deliver basic urban services.”