Seniors encouraged to get connected to boost wellbeing

Older Canberrans are encouraged to get involved in their local community to help combat loneliness and promote general wellbeing, Shadow Minister for Seniors Nicole Lawder said today. 

Ahead of Seniors Week 2018, Ms Lawder is encouraging all Canberrans over the age of 50 to ensure they are plugged in to their local community to enrich their social experiences.

"As we head into ACT Seniors Week, it is important to remember the vital role older and elderly Canberrans play in our community," Ms Lawder said.

 "They have helped make Canberra the place it is today, and still have so much more to offer.

 "Sadly, many older Canberrans feel disconnected and lonely. In fact, I often hear loneliness is one of the leading causes of concern amongst the elderly.

 "But it doesn’t have to be this way. Canberra has well established community groups designed to combat loneliness and boost general wellbeing.

 "The Canberra Seniors Centre is doing fantastic work to bring older folk from all walks of life together, uniting them in friendship.

 "The club creates a great environment where seniors can connect and participate in a range of activities like exercise and dance classes, building computer skills, painting and crafts.

 "Today, it’s jazzercise! What a fun way to get kick the blues and get connected," Ms Lawder concluded.

Ms Lawder will be available for comment at 12pm at the Canberra Seniors Centre, 10 Watson Street Turner.

Canberra Seniors Centre Vice-President Pat Gration will also be available for comment.

Seniors at the club will be participating in a jazzercise class from 12pm.









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