The Canberra Liberals thank Steve Doszpot for his wonderful service to Canberra through his membership of the ACT Legislative Assembly since 2008, Leader of the Opposition Alistair Coe said today.

“Steve has served the community with passion and purpose,” Mr Coe said.

“Since entering the Assembly as a Canberra Liberals MLA in 2008, Steve has set the standard for fighting on behalf of the community.

“Having pursued many community causes during his time in politics, Steve’s theme has always been to fight for people who may not have the ability or resources to help themselves. As such, Steve has made many friends and is well respected as a community champion.

“Some of the causes Steve’s has fought for include:

  • Standing up for the Shepherd Centre and Noah’s Ark when their future was uncertain;

  • Fighting to have a greater presence for nurses in Canberra’s special schools;

  • Driving legislative reform to empower school principals to have greater autonomy about how they manage their schools;

  • Advocating to have more ESL teachers; and

  • Supporting victims of bullying at CIT.

“He also advocated for many local initiatives, such as:

  • Better planning, especially around Manuka Oval, Yarralumla shops and at the Brickworks;

  • Park and Ride facilities in Calwell; and

  • Making Green Square in Kingston green again.

“He has made hundreds of representations for constituents about footpaths, street lights, grass mowing and so many other essential urban services issues.

“In recent times, Steve has championed the need for tougher laws to support victims of dog attacks and he is actively working on legislation to address this pressing need.

“Of course, he has also been a champion for local sporting clubs.

“Steve, on behalf of all of your colleagues, thank you for all you have done for Canberra.

“Despite serious health challenges, Steve is determined to raise awareness of liver cancer and to offer support for families of cancer suffers.

“Steve’s contribution to public life in the ACT will be missed,” Mr Coe concluded.

Steve was elected in 2008 and will serve until early December 2017. During his time as an MLA, he has been the Shadow Minister for Education; Sport and Recreation; Family and Community Services; Urban Services; and Seniors.