Home ownership

The Canberra Liberals believe that home ownership is the main vehicle for most Canberra families to achieve economic independence and to obtain an asset which will offer protection from financial hardship. Improving housing affordability is a key goal for the Canberra Liberals and we are committed to reducing the barriers of entry to the property market for first home buyers. Making it easier to purchase your first home means people who grew up here in Canberra are more likely to stay and to settle here, and those who have come here to work are more likely to adopt our city as their home.  


The flip side of housing is homelessness, and according to the 2011 Census, the ACT has one of the worst rates of homelessness in the country with 50.0 people per 10,000, compared to a national rate of 48.9 per 10,000. While we have lower than the national average of rough sleepers, areas of concern include sever overcrowding and boarding houses, where we perform worse than the national average.

We are working in this space to develop policies to take to the next election however, in the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact my office in relation to your housing queries.

Housing Portfolio-related Issues