Elizabeth Lee MLA
Member for Kurrajong
Shadow Minister for Disability
Shadow Minister for the Environment

Media Release Thursday 23 February 2017


I welcome the ACT Government’s attempt to consult with residents over the proposed plastic to fuel facility in Hume. However, the consultation sessions are at ridiculous times of the day and will preclude many busy and concerned residents from having their say on the contentious issue, Shadow Minister for Environment Elizabeth Lee said today.

“If the proposed facility is to go ahead, it’s important we get it right and the Canberra Liberals are committed to the scrutiny process for the best outcome for all Canberrans. The government has consulted on the draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for the facility but the panel heading the inquiry now wants to hold one drop in session and one public hearing at inconvenient times,” Ms Lee said.

“The drop in session scheduled for 3pm to 6pm on Monday the 6th of March means many residents who work or have to pick kids up from school won’t be able to make it. Likewise, with the public hearing which is scheduled for 1:30pm to 4:30pm on Tuesday the 7th of March. Why can’t the consultations be held in the evening or on weekends?

“Once again the ACT government seems to be running to its own timetable instead of meeting the needs of the community. Does the government have something to hide? If the government is genuine about transparent, proper consultation with the community, it would and should make these times realistic and accessible,” Ms Lee concluded.

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