4 October 2016

A Canberra Liberals Government is committed to delivering school infrastructure and quality education for all of our children. Today we’re making additional commitments to strengthen our education plans for all Canberrans, Leader of the Opposition Jeremy Hanson said today.

“Our $85 million More Support for All Schools package includes $60 million for infrastructure and capital upgrades for government schools, $17.5 million for kids with special needs in non-government schools and $7.5 million for our special schools. We will also deliver a new site for a Catholic School in Molonglo and flashing safety lights at all Canberra Schools,” Mr Hanson said.
In addition, we will deliver:

  • $15 million for infrastructure upgrades for non-government schools.
  • A badly needed new site for a non-government school in West Belconnen.


“Education will be paramount under a Canberra Liberals Government and unlike ACT Labor and the Greens we can make realistic commitments, because we won’t be wasting $14 billion on trams,” Mr Doszpot said.

“The Canberra Liberals have consulted with parents, teachers and other stakeholders. We know what we need to fix education and we will deliver,” Mr Doszpot concluded.

3 October 2016

A Canberra Liberals Government will deliver $80,000 to help the South Canberra Veterans Shed establish a permanent home, Leader of the Opposition and Shadow Minister for Veterans Affairs Jeremy Hanson said today.

“Men’s Sheds in Canberra are rapidly reaching capacity and new sheds are needed. The South Canberra Veterans Shed organisation has recently been formed and the Canberra Liberals will actively support our ex-service people in their endeavour,” Mr Hanson said.

“The Canberra Liberals will work to find facilities for the South Canberra Veterans Shed and provide $80,000 to help the organisation establish the new shed.

“The idea of getting together ‘shoulder to shoulder’ and doing useful voluntary work is the core of the success of the Men’s Shed Movement and Veterans Sheds for men and women are working to give the same opportunities to ex-service personnel.

“As a former member of the Defence Force I can understand the special camaraderie between ex-service personnel and our commitment will help foster that,” Mr Hanson concluded.

24 September 2016

A Canberra Liberals Government will deliver a new approach to public housing management as well as innovative reforms to help public housing tenants achieve home ownership. Today we’re announcing a five pronged plan for the future of public housing in Canberra, Shadow Minister for Housing Nicole Lawder said today.

“First and foremost, the Canberra Liberals will reform the Shared Equity Scheme, whereby eligible tenants can purchase 70% of a Housing ACT Property, with 30% remaining with Housing ACT. Unfortunately there are major barriers to the take-up of this scheme and the Canberra Liberals will fix that,” Ms Lawder said.

“To encourage uptake and help more people transition to home ownership, we’ll explore options to; allow newer properties to be included under the scheme and include properties like duplexes or townhouses.

“Our other plans for housing include:

  • A $125,000 independent review of ACT Public Housing.
  • Implementing the Auditor-General’s 2016 recommendations on public housing management.
  • Conducting an Undeclared Occupant Amnesty for public housing tenants, to ensure proper rent is being paid.
  • Reinforcing public housing tenancy agreements and investigate further reforms to deal with disruptive and unacceptable behaviour.

“Like many aspects of local government management, public housing needs a new approach in the ACT. Our plans will help residents more easily transition to their own home and fix management of the system,” Ms Lawder concluded.

28 September 2016

A Canberra Liberals Government will implement a three pronged approach to boosting local tourism and realising the huge potential we have to attract more interstate and international visitors as well as business visitors, Shadow Minister for Tourism Nicole Lawder said today.

“Local government needs to be proactive working with local industry to identify how our market can be boosted. We should listen to and expand on their ideas and help those who are working hard to boost tourism,” Ms Lawder said.

“If elected, the Canberra Liberals will:

- Host an ACT Tourism Industry Symposium to identify tourism innovation and provide the government with advice on strategies to deliver new tourism opportunities and products. 

- Review all legislation and regulations affecting local tourism operators, with the aim of reducing red tape. 

- Provide $375,000 for the Canberra Convention Bureau to continue its work growing the business tourism market.

“We need to listen to local operators. They are the experts and know how local government can best enhance the local sector.

“Canberra has huge untapped potential as a destination for ecotourism, leisure tourism and business tourism, from both interstate and international visitors. It’s time to realise it under a Canberra Liberals Government,” Ms Lawder concluded.

Contact: Joe Prevedello 0402768432

25 September 2016

A Canberra Liberals Government will provide an extra $3 million for better quality road resurfacing across Canberra and will increase the use of the smoother hot mix asphalt and better quality chip seal. Our approach will lead to safer roads across the ACT, Shadow Minister for Transport Alistair Coe said today.

“A core role of local government is to keep our roads in good repair, but unfortunately under ACT Labor, road resurfacing targets are rarely met and many of Canberra’s roads remain substandard, with pot holes and uneven surfaces,” Mr Coe said.

“A further problem is that the cheaper chip seal is often used which can cause damage to cars through loose stones while it also increases traffic noise.

“The Canberra Liberals will commit and extra $1 million per year for 3 years to increase the use of the quieter and smoother road resurfacing materials on ACT roads. This funding is in addition to the government’s additional $6.9 million, already in the current budget.

“The Canberra Liberals will strive to use hot mix asphalt where possible, and will make sure our roads are kept up to the standard that Canberrans expect and pay for,” Mr Coe concluded.